Who is who

Be welcome on the site of the-front-of-ww1-battlefields!



We are a group of license guides who have specialised in guiding in the Westhoek region and on the First World War. Moreover we also organise guiding tours from Nieuwpoort to the Somme region in France.


When guiding, we offer the greatest possible flexibility. Therefore let us know what your personal expectations are. By doing so we can outline a guiding tour on measure. Please send us an email with what you really expect. So we can contact you.


In case you don’t reside in the surroundings of Ypres, we can always come and get you in Bruges… (fixed prices). We can also come and get you at the station of Ypres.


In case you intend to visit the Westhoek with a bigger group (by bus…), we can also organise transports… for you. Everything will be fixed in an offer from beforehand.